Which Essential Oil is Best For Nerve Pain?

If you’re reading this then you probably know how debilitating nerve pain can be.  There’s no telling when it will strike and when it does… well, let’s just say we’d like to find out to alleviate it as soon as possible.  In this article, we will learn which essential oil is best for nerve pain and how you can use it to your benefit.


Alternative medicine options are open for us to try and they are here to stay. One of these options is using essential oils. These oils are made out of compounds extracted from plants so you can count on them being 100% natural.

I have nothing against prescription medications as they have their place and purpose in the world.  I just prefer to use natural remedies simply because I don't want to endure the nasty side effects that may come from pharmaceuticals.

The purpose of this article is provide information about essential oils and which ones can help with your nerve pain.

If you have tried essential oils or any other natural remedies and they haven't worked in the past then maybe this information isn't for you.

Your health and wellbeing is important to me.  So talk to your doctor and seek advice from a medical professional before self diagnosing and self medicating.

Essential Oils that are good for nerve pain

Essential Oil Tidbit

Before I tell you which essential oil can help with nerve pain, I thought it would be a good idea if we knew where this multi-billion dollar industry gets its roots from.

Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians would heal snake bites, cure bad breath, and a multitude of other things by burning a combination of woods, herbs, and spices.  They believed the aroma had medicinal properties.  The burning and usage of these materials was called kapet or kyphi.

Fast forward a few thousand years and essential oils has evolved into a 12 billion dollar global business.

Nowadays EO's ​(essential oils) are used to soothe chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, allergies, and nerve or muscle pains.

Fun fact about essential oils:  ancient Egyptians would heal snake bites and fix bad breath with Kyphi, which is where essential oils come from!

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What Are The Benefits Of Essential Oils?

I'd like to share the benefits of using these steam-distilled or cold-pressed extracts from seeds, flowers, fruits, leaves, or roots of plants.

 What can we get from it?  Will it really alleviate our sore nerves or mental sufferings?

There are too many benefits to write about in this article and I don't want to get away from the reason you're here: 

To find out which essential oil is best for nerve pain.

So I'll make this part short and list some benefits that I find to be amazing.

Essential oils have been known to:

Each bullet I listed is linked to studies recorded by the National Institute of Health and The Journal Of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

And now... I present to you the essential oils that can help with nerve pain:​​​​​​​

Support digestion, fight bad breath, boost your energy, fight infections... how do YOU use essential oils?

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Peppermint Essential Oil:  The Pain Reducer (Analgesic)

peppermint essential oil helps with nerve pain

When it comes to physical pain, we tend to take medicines to ease it immediately.  Yet, for those who are not drug-dependent like me, we use alternatives, don't we?

Peppermint essential oil is my favorite and it's among the top five best essential oils used for peripheral neuropathy.  It smells wonderful and it helps me relax

It's one of the first choices when it comes to muscle cramps, headaches, and respiratory illnesses (e.g., colds, flu, etc.).  Peppermint essence helps lessen muscle tensions, improve circulation and respiration, and provides nervous system support to eventually reduce the pain.

How To Use Peppermint Essential Oil To Ease Nerve Pain

The most simple way to use peppermint essential oil is to place a few drops into a carrier oil of your choice and to gently massage the affected area.

I like to use either a coconut oil or an almond oil.  Use what you think is best.  What matters most is that you only use a few drops of the peppermint essence since it is extremely potent.

You will feel a warming sensation and soon afterwards a soothing and calming effect.  This always helps me when my sciatic nerve is flaring up and I need something to help with the pain.

It's great to use it on your massage kit.  Or simply ask your physical therapist or massage therapist to use one.  When I get to the spa, I just go lay straight to the bed and let her do her job.  It replaces over the-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen, Midol, Tylenol/Motrin, aspirin, or any other pain-relievers we usually buy.

Cool​​​​ Facts About Peppermint Essence

There are a lot of benefits to using peppermint essential oils.  So much so that it requires an entire article all on its own.  If you want me to write an in depth post about peppermint essential oil then let me know in the comments below.

For brevity's sake I'll keep this as short as I can while still delivering quality information.

Peppermint essential oil is known as an analgesic which means it's a natural pain reducer.

Other than reducing pain, it also:

  • can fight bad breath (great for everyone!)
  • give respiratory relief (a few drops in a diffuser should do the trick)
  • calm the mind (used to either focus or relax)
  • keeps mosquitos away (need I say more?)

Lavender Essential Oil: The Anti-inflammatory and Antiseptic Fighter

lavender essential oil helps with nerve pain

As you may know, the lavender scent is our primary lookout to promote a good night's sleep. 

Lavender aroma oil is also known as the "mother of all oils".  When it comes to nerve pain, it is beneficial in healing and soothing. It helps relieve pain, reduce inflammatory, antidepressant, and omits stress in the body. 


How To Use Lavender Essential Oil To Fight Nerve Pain

It can still be used as a mix into your massage oils.  You only need to place a few drops into your carrier oil. 

When it makes contact with your skin, it calms the nerves and lower tension levels. Its essence helps reduce stress caused by the pain and relaxes your mind. 

You can also take a siesta from smelling it.  Lord knows I love a good nap and if lavender essence will help calm my nerve pain and put me into a peaceful sleep then I'm game. 

It was also suggested that you can add a few drops of lavender oil into your nebulizing diffuser, especially before bed, when you experience nerve pain mostly at night.

Lovely Lavender Facts

Ancient Egyptians used lavender as a perfume (it DOES smell amazing, doesn't it?) and also for mummification.  The fact that it's been used for the last several thousand years speaks to its power.

Lavender can aid in the fight against digestive system diseases and rheumatism.  

On top of that it can also:

  • help you sleep better
  • help heal burns
  • reduce acne
  • protect against diabetes symptoms
  • keep spiders away (they HATE the scent of lavender)

Essential Oil Recipe For Nerve Pain

Although essential oils are not approved by the FDA, it is still being widely used. I am aware that our government just wants us to be cautious and prevent us from potential dangers from using these essential oils.  I suggest you use them with responsibility. 

Here is a general blend that can help with nerve pain:

  • 4 drops of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
  • 3 drops of Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil
  • 3 drops of Helichrysum Oil
  • 2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
  • 2 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 15 mL of a carrier oil of your choice

Combine all of these ingredients into a small glass bottle or vial and cap it.   I like to use a bottle that has a roller so I can easily apply it where I need it the most.

Place some into the palm of your hand and gently apply where you are experiencing nerve pain.

This recipe can be scaled to suit your quantity needs.

Well there you have it!  I sincerely hope this does the trick for you as I know it has helped me personally and so many others around the world. 

If this article has been helpful then please consider sharing it those who are looking for alternative ways to relieve that back pain.

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